The automobile in American history and culture: a reference guide.
They have much lower weight and more down force compared to GT cars, making them much faster.
Fully turning off just one LCD TV (rather than leaving it on standby) for 18 hours a day will save about 5kg CO2 a year - saving 2 a year (USD2.64).
Off-road racing edit Main article: Off-road racing In off-road racing, various classes of specially modified vehicles, including cars, compete in races code promo les soeurs k 2017 through off-road environments.
These detailed descriptions are known as pace notes.The series is still the preferred option, as it has introduced an aero package and slicks, allowing the junior drivers to gain experience in a race car with dynamics closer.At a rhythm of 51,200 measurements per second, four aligned microphones record the noise variations, added Laurent Arnaud.There are numerous notable one-make formulae from various countries and regions, some of which such as the Porsche Supercup and, previously, iroc have fostered many distinct national championships.Retrieved April 11, 2013.The other major international single-seater racing series is Formula 2 (formerly known as Formula 3000 and GP2 Series ).

14 Engines are tuned on a machine called a dynamometer that is commonly known in the racing world as a dyno.
Categories edit Open-wheel racing edit Main articles: Formula racing and Open wheel car The two most popular varieties of open wheel road racing are Formula One and the IndyCar Series.
The vehicles may or may not be given the signal to start at the same time, depending on the class of racing.
"Handling And Safety Enhancement Of Race Cars Using Active Aerodynamic Systems." Vehicle System Dynamics.9 (2014.6 It featured.43 km (2.75 mi) concrete track with high-speed banked corners.Students at colleges and universities can also take part in single-seater racing through the Formula SAE competition, which involves designing jeux pour gagner des cadeaux belgique and building a single-seater car in a multidisciplinary team and racing it at the competition.Many aerodynamic experiments are conducted in wind tunnels, to simulate real life situations while measuring the various drag forces on the car.Only boiling the amount of water for your hot drink will save 72kg CO2 a year - that's 23 uSD30) per annum.The imsa GT Series evolved into the American Le Mans Series, which ran its first season in 1999.Nascar also governs several smaller regional series, such as the Whelen Modified Tour.Several former motorcycle champions have also taken up the sport, notably Wayne Rainey, who was paralysed in a racing accident and now races a hand-controlled kart.