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Instead, they have to do it by hand.
Rabid raccoons found most recently on Dec.
Manage Profile, sign Out, hamiltonontarios Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry says there are 10 new cases of raccoon rabies in Hamilton, bringing the total to 25 found in the province since early December.
"The numbers we're seeing are more or less what we expected given the density of raccoons and skunks in the urban areas.".
The outbreak's discovery started with a dog named "Mr.If you live in the Hamilton area, call Hamilton Animal Services at if you see a dead, sick or unusual acting raccoon, skunk or other wild animal.If you have been, or think you have been, exposed to rabies contact a health care professional immediately.The dots in these maps show rabies cases in the Hamilton area in 2016.Rabies is a viral disease that is transmitted through the nervous system.The rabies outbreak in Hamilton goes back to early December when a captured raccoon in an Animal Services truck got into a skirmish with two bull mastiff dogs.Subscribe now for complete, progressive coverage of local, national and global news.Prior to this incident, there had not been a reported case of fox-strain rabies in Ontario for four years.Prior to December, there were no reports of raccoon rabies in Ontario.Don't let your pet wander off its leash.Video: keep raccoons away with ONE simple trick: Rabies in Canada, rabies remains relatively rare in Canada, with less than two dozen human deaths reported in Canada since 1925.

The city even offered low cost animal vaccinations to make sure people's pets were protected.
Maps provided by the ministry show animals that have tested positive for rabies have been found all over the Hamilton area, from the lower city to the Mountain, and outlying areas.
Animal services staff have picked up 800 cadavers linked to rabies so combien de ligue des champions a gagné le barca far, and have had to euthanize over 100 animals but are doing so without any funding increase.
They might come out on a warm day looking for food, but generally speaking they do not roam in the cold and snow.Above, a healthy raccoon. .Cheryl Santa Maria, digital Reporter, thursday, May 19, 2016, 5:41 PM - Rabies cases are exploding in Hamilton, Ont., with dozens of animals said to be infected.Contact Hamilton Animal Services immediately if you live in the area and suspect you have been infected with rabies.So far, 108 skunks and raccoons have tested positive for raccoon rabies in Hamilton since December.Officials hope that protecting more pets will help the spread of the rabies disease.Authorities stepped up their rabies testing of raccoon carcasses and sick raccoons routinely picked up by Animal Services.People can't forget about rabies, because it is a fatal disease.- Susan Harding-Cruz, city of Hamilton, Public Health "This is a new type of outbreak for us because it's just so urban Davies said.

The fox-based strain is known to have moved into other species, such as skunks.