I have long found it ironic that while the most common accusation levelled at journalists is that they make everything up, the biggest inquiry into Press standards has been over material obtained to ensure stories were totally reliable.
The pilot of the sitcom was originally made only for Scotland in 1988, a Christmas special entitled "Rab C Nesbitt's Seasonal Greet" subsequently repeated on the network the following year.
Infobox Television show_name Rab.Rab grows to dislike Shug as Rab feels that Shug is willing to do anything for Scotland - except actually live.How could someone who made so many people feel, at the very least, uncomfortable, manage to maintain a position as national treasure for so long?In the past the series also featured guest appearances from Norman Lovett, Peter Mullan, Rikki Fulton, Anita Dobson, Timothy Spall, Stanley Baxter, Clive Russell, Sylvester McCoy, Russell Hunter and then unknowns David Tennant, Ashley Jensen, Ford Kiernan, Greg Hemphill, Karen Dunbar, Jane McCarry and Paul.Nesbitt" is currently being broadcast on Paramount Comedy 2, around 9pm on Wednesdays, shown in double episodes.

Gash is usually a resident of a special home, yet managed to escape (or merely unconsciously wandered away) to be briefly taken in by the rest difference reduction et credit impot of the Nesbitt family during the episode "Father".
There's nae bloody justice, eh?
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Apparently has "a tattoo awn mah erse an baws like gooseberries".
As soon as it suits him, Shug scurries off back to England and his wife, a habit that very nearly got Rab killed by a hitman in "Pie".It was revelaed in the special episode "Fitba" that Jamesie had played football for Third Lanark.C.Recent Covers in this Section 23 pages listing 1149 covers 1 2 3 4 Last 1 2 3 4 Last My Account username password, remember me?Now commentator after commentator says how disturbing they found his TV persona.The show began its first series on 27 September 1990 and continued for seven more series, finally ending.

Married to a woman called Bobbie who he is so repulsed by that he dry heaves when thinking about sleeping with her.
Newsnight knew about Savile, it had the witnesses but it didnt broadcast.
Seems to loathe her husband and frequently considers murdering him, and has stabbed him at least once.