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One notorious example was in the summer of 1989 when on the evening news-programme moambe, reporter one of the commentators on international affairs tried to link all cases of unrest in Abkhazia since 1950 with developments in Iran!
My own recommendation for new thinking would take a somewhat different course from Henzes answer to his own (Lenin-type) question.
Georgia, the Georgians and other Kartvelians will all have a crucial role to play in whatever the future holds for the Caucasus, but no-one should be allowed to build their international bona fides on lies or pampered into expecting a divine right to hegemony.
The Svan linguist.Henze, as might have been anticipated, is rather negative about the North Caucasian Confederation: The situation in the North Caucasus has been additionally exacerbated by the existence of a Confederation of North Caucasian Peoples (not states).We are gathered here in Tbilisis twin-town of Atlanta.Scholars and writers belong to the class of intelligentsia.In what follows I wish to re-address some particularities of the Abkhazian problem and also to touch upon the question of the Caucasus in general.The remaining 5 must consist of only those who know Georgian, who have a proper respect for Georgia, who have been brought up combien gagne norman under the influence of the.Political Tendencies : It is part of Georgian propaganda to blacken the name of the Abkhazian political leadership with the calculated slur that they are all a pack of ex-communists who behave like Bolsheviks are want to preserve Bolshevik structures in Abkhazia (see, for example.If I had been a non-Kartvelian resident of Georgia, I would not have been too confident about my future there, reading this in 1989, and this is only one of numerous examples that could be cited from the Georgian media since the late 1980s.As Pax Christi put it: Thus the arrival of Shevardnadze gave the government the international recognition that had been denied to the democratically elected government of Zviad Gamsakhurdia, a remarkable fact considering article 17/1 of the csce Final Document on the Human Dimension, that strongly.If we are not prepared to stand up for what is right and just, then let us say now and without prevarication: Do not be a minority without a state of your own; do not seek to behave with dignity in the face of abuse.

What of Georgias 400,000 Armenians?
To consider the Caucasus only in terms of the needs of the Georgians (Kartvelians Armenians, Azerbaydzhanis and Russians (or their current individual rulers, as is sadly all too often the case) will lead to further tragedies in the area; there will assuredly be no stability.
This gathering has already been addressed by former CIA-employee Paul Henze on the theme.It was solely for the personal benefit of leaders like Zviad Gamsakhurdia that the nationalist card was played as of 1987-88, and once out of his bottle this malign genie has still not been forced back into.Henzes antagonism towards academics in politics (though note that in IAs report on Chechnia he is by no means so hostile to the views of Chechen academics) is partly explained by his belief that the academic leaders of Abkhazia have given no thought to the.May be little more than code for the starker: Dont even attempt to do more than satisfy the demands of those who control local power-centres.We need from all those of goodwill in the West a hands-on policy and quickly.We must persuade other nationalities, who are multiplying suspiciously in the land of David the Builder, that ideal conditions for the development of their personalities are to be found only in their homelands.

Well, there are solutions and there are final solutions.
It will require patience and much discussion with all parties to disputes, especially with those being called upon to make sacrifices, so that they will eventually come to see the advantages of taking decisions that will permit everyone who presently lives in the relevant region.
I personally tried in 1989 to encourage men of vision and sense in Georgia to stand up and speak out against the wild cries of the nationalists, who then held centre-stage.