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GameSpot (November 16, 2016).
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Current game features, latest, patches, pC: January 9, 2019, console: January 8, 2019.
Symmetra, torbjörn, tracer, widowmaker, winston, wrecking Ball, zarya.Destructoid (May 24, 2016).Hero Archetypes Wed dressing leroy merlin promo Like to See in Overwatch.Sister Sites Retrieved from " ").GameSpot (May 25, 2016).IGN (May 24, 2016).How the Design of Overwatch Wins Over Players.Does Overwatch Validate the Trend Towards Full-Price Multiplayer-Only Games?M (May 27, 2016).PlayStation LifeStyle (May 24, 2016).The Escapist (May 24, 2016).GamesRadar (November 18, 2016).

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PC Gamer (May 28, 2016).
Zenyatta, begin Your Watch, join the fight for the future in the ultimate team-based shooter.
The Guardian (May 27, 2016).
Assault Maps, hybrid Maps, control Maps, arena Maps.Featured News, overwatch Lunar New Year 2019, new Hero Ashe.Why Overwatch Competitive Mode Is Infuriating.Buy Now, buy the Game.Ana, ashe, bastion, brigitte, doomfist, genji, hanzo.Upcoming events 28 February (00:00 UTC Season 14 ends, happy Holidays, cookiewatch Overwatch, game App.Junkrat, lúcio, mcCree, mei, mercy, moira, orisa.Electronic Gaming Monthly (June 2, 2016).