McGregor tags Mayweather with a pair of left hands.
Mayweather lunges forward and mark gagne connects with a left hand.
Twenty seconds left and Mayweather is tagging McGregor at will.
McGregor slips a right hand and they clinch.
Badou Jack dominates Nathan Cleverly to become the new WBA light-heavyweight champion.McGregor was getting tagged against the ropes.McGregor eats a stiff jab.Hes been physical when possible, but still hasnt landed a straight left-hand jab.The box cadeau pour femme UFC star barely could put up his fists toward the end of the round.Round 10: McGregor holds Mayweathers head with his left hand and paws out a few rights.Hes been a step slow all fight.McGregor feinting as the arena erupts in Ole!This is a much closer round.Mayweather connects with a jab.He landed a bunch of huge right-hand jabs several as lead power punches and counter-punched quite well.McGregor is still standing.

The Mayweather.
Un McGrault au début du tour, KO, comme il l'a promis, serait une catastrophe potentielle et c'est en partie une raison pour laquelle nous accordons un excellent prix à Mayweather pour le moment.
Mayweather slips and dodges.
Mayweather charges inside and eats a nice uppercut.
Mayweather is starting to come alive now.McGregor is staying busy but cant land flush. Andrew Tabiti just defeated Steve Cunningham via unanimous decision in a cruiserweight bout.McGregor switches stances and pops out a straight punch.Round 4: McGregor might be getting close to a point deduction for those hammer fists.Score: Floyd Mayweather 10-8 (57-56 FM).Floyd Mayweather, lui, tout sourire, confirmait qu'il s'agissait là de son dernière combat.