Last year about eight billion roubles were spent on about 8,000 doctors.
All institutions should spare no effort to provide prompt treatment to people.
In 2012 the federal law On the Protection of Citizens Health from the Impact of Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Consumption was drafted, discussed and adopted.Our task is to prevent all this in the future.Our unquestionable priority for the coming years is further progress in medical assistance to women.Over 288,000 units of medical equipment were purchased for this purpose.Please pay attention to this.In implementing the programme of preventive health examinations, Russian regions had to create special programmes stipulating measures for providing preventive healthcare to residents in villages and remote areas.High-tech reproductive technology was used 20 more often in treating infertility, which resulted in over 3,000 more babies born.This work should be remunerated accordingly.Id like to ask all those present, especially the top managers of the ministry, to analyse their practical application.

Dmitry Medvedev: "The ministry has adopted almost 800 new standards and 60 procedures for rendering medical assistance that have become mandatory for all medical institutions since January 1, 2013.
Colleagues, we must not forget that by protecting peoples health, healthcare workers perform a strategically important function.
Improving medical training and personnel policy is one of the most important areas of our work.
The Ministry has drafted the relevant roadmaps, on the basis of which the state authorities have drafted regional programmes to improve the salaries of workers, which have been approved in consultation with the Ministry of Healthcare.Nevertheless, some mistakes could not be avoided when feldsher-midwife stations and subsidiaries of central district hospitals were shut down without any reason.To make this possible it is necessary to provide them with funds on time.It should be stressed that all-out preventive medical examinations aim to diagnose existing and early exposed health disorders and diseases and to highlight and correct their development risk factors.In the meantime, the revival of ethical norms needs constant attention, including toughening of state and departmental control.This became a basis for working out, together with regional healthcare officials, of regional segments in the state programme for healthcare development, as well as regional programmes on improving staffing policies and development road maps.To date, code promo vente privée 2017 we lack palliative care facilities, twice as few as in European countries, and we must increase the number in the upcoming years.

I think it is important to establish a special Government commission on public health protection headed by the Prime Minister.
This made it possible to concentrate financial resources on these important high-priority areas.