Is Suja now owned by Coca-Cola?
On day 2, the JUS by Julie folks subbed the chia berry (strawberry lemon pomegranate chia seeds) for the acai berry.
This only works for so long however, and in order for us to achieve our mission of democratizing the best juice a mission we take incredibly seriously we realized that we would have to partner with cadeau fait à la main a company that has existing tools that we can.And we actually had fun coming up with new ingredients for salads (who knew carrots could function as noodles)?Has jumped on the bandwagon.) Prompted by my curious husband (who despite feeling sluggish after the new year was suspicious of the detox trend I enlisted us in a cleansing experiment: 5 days of raw-food-eating and 2 days of Lori.One week of abstaining from all the things I love about food caffeine, all meat, refined sugar, dairy, alcohol, soy, wheat, gluten was about all I could stomach. The second day I ate egg whites for breakfast, veggies and fruit the rest of the day, and a small sweet potato for dinner.Did you know that only 4 of US food sales is of organic cadeau noel homme humour products and yet in a recent Gallup poll, 45 of the US population reported actively trying to add organic foods and beverages to their diets?Also, the juices taste good, which is impressive because they each contain a handful of organic, raw ingredients (no added sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, nothing bad).DAY 2: I was happy to be able to start the day early with a juice- but again I had to drink the green juice! The pineapple and mango really gave nice flavor to an otherwise undesirable green juice.

I was a little nervous about going from eating potato chips and wine to cleansing the next day so I prepped for two days.
Why are you partnering with Coca-Cola?
(The closest thing I got to that was an avocado.) If anything, this experiment proved that I would rather die bloated and bogged down with champagne, aged cheddar and filet mignon than live skinny and clear-headed with vegetable juice coursing through my veins.The program makes the cleansing process simple, but its not for the foodie who is faint of heart.But, if you can stick with it, the results are amazing! They were confident that Id like their juices better than any other juice cleanse I had tried, so they sent their juices along.JUS by Julie contacted me recently to see if Id like to try their cleanse.Next was the spicy pomenade (pomegranate lemon maple syrup cayenne pepper) This one was good- much like a nice, refreshing sort of lemonade drink with a hint of spice. With other juice cleanses, Ive had better success in keeping the weight off at least for a little while.It makes sense if you think about.