Use an antibacterial mouth rinse regularly to keep your mouth and incision sites clean, and decrease the possibility of infection occurring.
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American Board of Plastic Surgery accreditation.
A jaw shave, also referred to as a jaw contouring procedure, helps soften the jawline and make it more feminine.
X-rays, when done properly, will help the surgeon avoid over-reduction of your jaw line.A heavy set jaw may be the result of two main causes:.Promotion, it is a popular procedure among individuals of Asiatic origin, or those who seek a more feminine looking or slender jaw.A convenient method to treat an enlarged muscle is through the use.

Plan for your recovery.
Some of the more common complications include, but are not limited to: Blood clots around the wound.
Those considering jaw reduction surgery should also: Be in a good state of physical and mental health.
Some subcutaneous fat may also be removed to further thin the jaw line.
Surgical method edit, surgical techniques concours controleur insee are used to directly reduce the size of an enlarged mandible.In these cases, a strong jaw can be reduced without surgery.Another factor to consider is the mentalis muscle which elevates the lower lip and chin.Board certification: This is one of the most important considerations.Excluding asymmetry and over- or under-correction, the other symptoms dissipate within three to six months post-surgery.Surgical techniques are used to directly reduce the size of an enlarged mandible.Regular activities and work can be resumed in one week following the procedure.Br J Plast Surg.What Are the Benefits of Jaw Reduction and Contouring?Prepare your support system: ask a loved one or friend to to drive you to and from surgery, and to be available to care for you for at least a few hours when you get home.