Sheridan 's, air Rotor Stripping technique for Interproximal Reduction capture society wide interest.
The single-sided coating is available.15-mm.2-mm thickness on the outside (away from the shank) or the inside (toward the shank) so that either a push or pull motion may be used as dictated by the arrangement of the teeth to be reduced.
In 2004, Zachrisson stated that IPR can be used to improve the esthetics of anterior teeth.The first step in using komet USAs OS discs is to lightly break contact with a fine diamond-coated abrasive strip (WS37EF, komet USA) (.When a crowded arch is aligned, ".Zachrisson, Björn.; Nyøygaard, Lise; Mobarak, Karim.In this case, the amount of IPR indicated.3 mm, which means that.15 mm needs to be reduced from each tooth.Figure 13 shows the completed IPR from a straight-on facial view.2 3, he stated that the procedure of IPR can be used as an alternative to procedures of extraction or expansion of teeth during orthodontic treatment.
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Inside Dentistry, march 2010, volume 6, Issue 3, technique can be applied to modern orthodontic tooth alignment.
Figure 7 and the width of the space is checked with the.5-mm thickness gauge (.
The Open Dentistry Journal.In this case, Invisalign is being used to correct moderate anterior crowding by distalizing the premolars to create space.American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics."Predictors of variation in mandibular incisor enamel thickness".Even though my teeth tend to go through sensitive phases, the aftereffects of IPR were minimal; I experienced a day or two of cold sensitivity at most.Side-Effects edit, excessive heat is known to cause damage to the pulp of the tooth.Vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback.

Black Triangles" form which can be removed with IPR of the anterior teeth.
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