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Mary (503) which reads dovaidona maqi droata or 'Dovaidona son of bon de réduction picard à imprimer the Druid'.
The god Lugh features in many names such as (4) lugaddon, (286) lugudeca and (140) lugavvecca, while the divine name ERC (meaning either 'heaven or 'cow appears in names such as (93) ercaidana and (196) ercaviccas.
Finally of particular interest is the fact that quite a few names denote a relationship to trees, names like (230) maqi-carattinn 'son of rowan (v) maqvi qoli 'son of hazel' and (259) ivogeni 'born of yew'.
I Ulcagni Lewannick, Cornwall cisp lwnck/2 28 Latin text "HIC iacit vlcagni" ciic 470 latini Worthyvale, Slaughterbridge, Minster, Cornwall cisp wvale/1 29 Latin text "latini IC iacit filius macari" ciic 484 iusti.The 30 or so Pictish inscriptions qualify as early Scholastic, roughly 6th to 9th century.There is also the fact the inscriptions were made at a time when Christianity had become firmly established in Ireland.Jackson,.H., Notes on the Ogam inscriptions of southern Britain,.The most widespread.From the High Middle Ages, contemporary to the Manuscript tradition, they may contain Forfeda.

Ireland edit Ireland has the vast majority of inscriptions, with 330 out of 382.
The vast majority of the inscriptions consists of personal names, probably of the person commemorated by the monument.
Avec 10 illustrations en compétition et plus de 1200 votants le web a également permis de diffuser linformation concernant cette 2ème édition de la Saint Gargantua.
Matt Horgan and.R.Les entonneurs ont intronisés 6 nouveaux «Chevaliers» partageant les valeurs gastronomiques et œnophiles de cette journée : La promotion 2013 sur les réseaux sociaux et à la radio!Orthodox inscriptions edit, in orthodox inscriptions, the script was carved into the edge bon de reduction a imprimer pour chat ( droim or faobhar ) of the stone, which formed the stemline against which individual characters are cut.Macalister's (1945) numbers run from 1 to 507, including also Latin and Runic inscriptions, with three additional added in 1949.503, 40c) nummus honoratur sine / nummo nullus amatur This is a hexameter line with internal rhyme at the caesura, to be scanned as follows: nmmus honrtur sine nmm nullus amtur.Avitoriges is an Irish name while Cunigni is Brythonic (Welsh Cynin reflecting the mixed heritage of the inscription makers.45 See Buckquoy spindle-whorl?

Old Irish period up to modern times.
County Kerry (especially, corcu Duibne ) in the south of Ireland across.
"The ogham-inscribed spindle-whorl from Buckquoy: evidence for the Irish language in pre-Viking Orkney?".