2.3 Any required alterations to the class or ticket type must be made and paid for before your journey commences. .
Eurostar can acheive very high speeds, but only on the continent.
38.2 Nothing in these Conditions of Carriage shall operate to exclude or limit the liability of a allopneu reduction 2015 idee cadeau appartement etudiant party if and to the extent that such exclusion or limitation is not permitted by the applicable law or that liability relates to the consequences of fraud.
Like the cabin staff, the driver is also required to speak several languages.
Specific conditions for Electronic Tickets, we may issue you with an electronic ticket instead of a paper ticket.Group Check-in Members of a group must check-in together (unless individual tickets have been issued travel together throughout by the same train(s and in the same class. .It is your responsibility shortly before you travel to check for any changes to the timings for your train. .6.2 We will endeavour to honour the advance seating request shown on your ticket, however we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit in any particular seat.For the registration and collect of weapons as listed in Annex 1 to these Conditions, make sure that you can present all required certificate and license.Ceremonial weapons such as kukri or skeandhu, martial arts weapons, crossbows, crossbow bolts, longbows and arrows, starting pistols.We will not reimburse you for any claims under.5.3 A child's age for the purpose of these Conditions of Carriage is that applicable on the first day of the outward journey.36.2 As a general rule, we will pay any refunds and/or compensation you are entitled to in the form of Eurostar evouchers - which are valid for one year from the date of the incident.Photograph: Lex van Lieshout/EPA.

Kitchen knives and household utensils.
By purchasing a ticket and accepting these Conditions of Carriage, you consent to such checks being carried out on you and your luggage. .
Otherwise, the refund will be made in cash, bank transfer or by cheque at our discretion.
We reserve the right to change your seat at any time, even after you have boarded the train.
Rights Of Third Parties Unless expressly provided in these Conditions of Carriage, none of the terms of our contract with you, including these Conditions of Carriage, is enforceable or intended to be enforceable under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 by any party.In order for the young person to travel unaccompanied the responsible person must complete the Eurostar Unaccompanied Minors Form (available on m) in the presence of a Eurostar staff member and the young person must keep the form in their possession throughout their journey (and.47.2.2 Applicable prices are detailed on the registered luggage dedicated page of our website.A refund may be available on the original ticket held depending on the ticket type and may be subject to service fees.Details of recommended minimum connection times are published on our website:.Our liabilities.1 Accompanied Luggage: You are responsible for supervising luggage and articles which you carry as accompanied luggage and any animals which accompany you. .Note that this list is not exhaustive; passengers will not be allowed to keep articles with them on the journey if the item is inherently dangerous, is likely to cause property damage, or if there is reason to suspect the article may be used.

You will need to check in advance with the relevant national authorities in the country of boarding and destination.