concours photo street art

I find energy when interacting with others.
I spend too much time sitting at cafes or at home, so I like to go on walks with my camera in-hand.
Lexposition de la mascotte sur le corner PaperToy.I will enjoy my walk, and if I see anything interesting, I will take a photo.Not only that, but the simpler promo camping ile oleron the camera, the less friction I had in shooting street photos, and the more generic the camera looked the less intimidated my subjects were.Secondly, you want to eliminate all sources of distractions.That doesnt mean that every time you click the shutter, you will make a better photograph.You dont even need to use a fancy camera, just use your smartphone.It trains my body and mind the following: you will eat as a reward after youve written something.My personal is that of an extreme extrovert.Personally, I spend too much time looking at my phone.Does the eyes of the subjects in a painting look directly at you, or away?

Think about it this way: a lion doesnt eat a granola bar before hunting a gazelle.
And also one of the most important things in street photography is to select your best work.
This is because I am generally a social critic and cynic, and I often see more gloom than happiness in the streets.
Treat your street photos the same: only share your best street photos, make your street photos elegant (according to your own vision and make your street photography autobiographical.
We all see the world filtered through our own lenses.We dont need to eat in order to have energy.Street photography is more than photos.Think about lions once again after theyve hunted and killed a gazelle, and feasted, they take a nice nap.I then started to add people into my landscape photos.Street photography didnt require a fancy camera.Grit and grain was beautiful.Limpression et la distribution du paper-toy (signé) lors de lévénement.Not only that, but when Im judging my photos, I follow my gut.