The lack of challenge and the repetitious gameplay loop makes for an experience that maybe, with a few small tweaks, could have been better.
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And the game is good, at least it was during the first week we spent playing.
Using the stylus and touch screen on your handheld console, you can move furniture, choose the floor and paint/wallpaper to match the desires of your customers at the same time as letting your creativity blossom.
We started playing the game with very high expectations, maybe because we loved Animal Crossing: New Leaf.There's no score, no reward, no bells (Animal Crossing's currency) to collect, no criticism from your customers: every customer will be happy aion gagner kinah rapidement with your work as long as you satisfy the minimum options required to complete.When it's all said and done Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is a bit of a disappointment.If you don't agree with this, please close this window and use the free hosts below.Obviously, this feature isn't vital in any way to your game experience, but surely fans of the series who want to enrich their customer portfolio will appreciate.You should like, totally log in or sign up!Ce nest pourtant pas faute dêtre mignon, car le jeu lest tout autant, mais il est également très creux.

As a young designer from the ImmoNook agency, your task is to realise the dreams of your fellow citizens and to try to offer them their perfect homes.
But, at least for the moment, this feature isn't likely to be enough to break the monotony that will eventually set in (though we'd be happy to be proven wrong when the game is made available to other creatives around the world).
In fact, there's one big issue in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and that's the lack of challenge.
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There's three key ideas to consider: creativity, inspiration, and passion for design.We hope that any future sequel addresses these issues to offer fans of the series a more rewarding home design game.Et tout ça pour vous dire que cest bien dommage que le jeu ne mait pas autant fait craquer.Similarly, as soon as your name and reputation begins spread around city, you'll be contacted by Isabelle who will assign you the construction of some public facilities for the city; a school, a hospital, a restaurant, a shopping mall.The structure is very simple: a city dweller contacts your agency, you have to meet the customer, you listen to their requests, and then you can start with with the renovations.We are in no way affiliated with the following site.If in New Leaf, as mayor, your task was merely to raise the funds to make these happen, in Happy Home Designer you can participate directly in designing the aesthetics of these buildings.From the very first moments of the game, you become familiar with the intuitive editor - a quick tutorial will show you the different tools and furniture you can choose from, and you will gradually get more and more choice as your career progresses.Mon cœur ne va pas tenir!