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This is why you have your arsenal of consumables.
Here is a list of Shaman abilities that you should consider keybinding.
Another possibility is to go into the Elemental tree and promo caliceo toulouse spend 8 points to pick up Elemental Warding for encounters where elemental resistances (Frost, Fire and Nature) are important.
Note that these haste values assume that you're not.5s fully hasted.What it comes down to is what kind of epics you like to pick up and how good you are at managing your mana.I have found that preparing for 20 wipes usually does the job.Hello Totem-Mule, If you find yourself reading code promo 60 millions de consommateur this guide then you are probably interested in or considering playing the Restoration Shaman.Within will be discussed all aspects of the class, from totem usage to stat priority, in an effort to bring you up to speed on the ins-and-outs of this utility healer.Place these in your macro if you want double heals when they go off, but it will cause issues with standard rotations.It really is up to you.5 points in anticipation gives 5 damage avoidance from the front.Each proc does 244 damage at level 70, 280.5 with elemental weapons.Thundering Strikes Bugs BUG It's unclear whether the thundering strikes talent affects Windfury or Stormstrike attacks.Intellect Crit Versatility Mastery Haste.

However, the list does not stop here.
Still unknown how much this change will help enhancement shaman threat management.
Does not give back mana with Elemental Focus on crits.The goal of CH spamming is to use about this breakdown of ranks: CH(R1) 60, CH(R2) 20, and CH(R3)20.I will provide you a visual and a link for what is considered the standard PvE Resto specialization.Healing Way can stack to 3/3 and increases your consecutive HW (not LHW) spells on that target.This was removed.1 and the cooldown is now shared.Think about what kind of mechanics the boss has and where your CH will be most valuable.I apologize in advance for the quality of the snap, my computer was not the greatest machine.Healing wave : This is your slow, big single target heal.This hurt sustainability a great deal, both in pure mana usage and that shamans will now always be in the five second rule.Intellect, intellect increases the damage and healing done by your spells.

Typically, the primary stats and secondary stats are prioritized in that order.