MIT Nodejs imgproxy - Fast and secure standalone server for resizing and converting remote images.
( Source Code ) GPL-2.0 Nodejs Transmission - Fast, easy, Free Bittorrent client.
( Demo, Source Code ) Apache-2.0 Java uMap - Create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a concours photo voyage 2018 minute and embed them in your site.( Source Code ) Apache-2.0 PHP oxid eShop - oxid eShop is assiette de bapteme cadeau a flexible open source e-commerce software with a wide range of functionalities.( Source Code ) MIT html5 Meemo - Personal notes stream with Markdown support.MIT Nodejs Anchr - Anchr is a toolbox for tiny tasks on the internet, including bookmark collections, URL shortening and (encrypted) image uploads.( Source Code ) agpl-3.0 Python MinigalNano - MinigalNano is a very simple image gallery.( Source Code ) agpl-3.0 Ruby Movim - Modern, federated social network based on xmpp, with a fully featured group-chat, subscriptions and microblogging.( Demo ) GPL-3.0 PHP IMP - horde application that provides webmail access to imap and POP3 accounts.This tool is work in progress!GPL-3.0 OCaml Z-Push - Implementation of Microsofts ActiveSync evianmaman fr reduction protocol.( Source Code ) GPL-3.0 C Tuber - Peer-to-peer video chat that works.Easy to deploy and upgrade.Also I am desperately looking for a parse of mgef effects.

Sunt prea modest ca s spun despre mine c sunt un vizionar, dar sunt cu siguran un om care triete în lumea ideilor i a conceptelor abstracte mai mult decât în oricare alt lume.
Use intended for small sites built in markdown.
It adheres to the kiss principle and is very easy to install.
( Demo ) MIT Python E-commerce Attendize - Ticket selling and event management platform.
( Source Code ) GPL-2.0 PHP Misc/Other back to top 411 - Alert Management Web Application.( Source Code ) MPL-2.0 PHP PropertyWebBuilder - The ultimate Ruby on Rails engine for creating real estate websites.( Source Code ) GPL-2.0 C Traefik - Træfk is a modern http reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease.( Source Code ) agpl-3.0 Ruby URL Shorteners back to top Kutt - A modern URL shortener with support for custom domains.Sendmail - Sendmail License Unlicense - The Unlicense wtfpl - Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License Zlib - Zlib/libpng License ZPL-2.0 - Zope Public License.0 External links back to top Awesome Big Data - Curated list of awesome big data frameworks.Advanced features include full-disk encryption and plug-ins.GPL-3.0 PHP PhotoPrism - Personal photo management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow.