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LUNk Radio (Lincoln, Nebraska) Radio Free Canton on air since 2000 Free Radio Folsom (CA) Lewis FM, broadcast a mix of predominately American and British Top 40, as well as Christian Rock to a section of Lewis, New York, which has reduction amazon de a total population.
Shortwave pirates are widely dispersed throughout North America and can be heard hundreds and even thousands of miles from their location.Feder, Robert (October 31, 2006).It was broadcast out of a repair shop, and the signal had a radius of about 2 miles.Highlights included live phone calls from jails, live calls to senators, congressmen, the FCC promo intersport la roche sur yon and the White House.Hearing pirate radio stations in North America edit Finding, identifying and even corresponding with pirate radio stations is, for many radio enthusiasts, itself a hobby.Highly active from 2000 to 2005 (24/7 operations now on-air sporadically from a location near downtown Boulder and from mobile units.Pirate Cat Radio.9 FM San Francisco and simultaneously in Los Angeles, also has a TV station, Pirate Cat TV, on channel 13 in San Francisco.They were raided by Federal Marshals and FCC agents in 2004, but the community responded with a benefit that allowed frsc to buy all new equipment and return to the air in less than 30 days.It broadcast international contemporary music and news in Spanish and English.

Despite the limited range possible under Part 15, some small broadcast stations are operated within its parameters, while others operate claiming to be Part 15 compliant but with signals exceeding what is permitted under the rule.
Lobbied by the commercial radio industry, the.S.
It remained on until final close-down on Christmas 1996.
10 Stations from international waters edit rxkr, aboard the SS City of Panama anchored off California, USA.M is the website.The station was quite popular with inmates at the nearby State Prison of Southern Michigan, and fan mail from inmates was read on the air regularly.Broadcasting a variety of musical genres and eras, programming is completely freeform.Because of this severe lack of access, numerous pirate radio operators (such as Stephen Dunifer as well as other groups petitioned the FCC for a new lpfm service.Pirates operating on shortwave from North America often use single sideband modulation as an alternative.Therefore, some anarchists consider pirate radio transmissions to be a challenge to that authority.Because basic radio transmission equipment is relatively easy to obtain in the US and because it is relatively easy to hide, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC which has the authority to regulate radio communications, sometimes has difficulty in finding and prosecuting offenders who transmit without.Many Burning Man regional events operate similar pirate radio stations.Pirate radio also continues because legal open spots on the FM dial have been filled in since and because of the 1979 ruling, by both full-power and translator stations.

Regular operations are set to resume in Willsboro, New York, either under an entirely different name or using "The Radio" branding.
Archived website, 2001 wnrc shows up at National Radio Club conventions over Labor Day, and has operates on different an AM or FM frequencies at each convention.