The obligatory power ballad comes in the form of All I Know as Sas strokes his Strat on this 7-minute epic.
As such, it's perhaps no surprise then that, this album's closest companion in the Springsteen canon is We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions, the roots of both buried in the soil of American folk music.
T m/brucespringsteen Mike Davies June 2010 Bruce Springsteen - Working On A Dream (Columbia) Not his best song by a long way but, a tongue in cheek spin on the Badlands style mythologies of anti-heroes (one in which he's indulged more than once) and Western.
The pick of the self-written songs is You Gonna Win which has a Howlin' Wolf quality to the music if not the vocals.Maybe the best of them are Ungrateful One and Between Midnight And Dawn, but it was the lone instrumental cut (Knob Creek) which made the most persuasive impact first time round.Be warned though, if you don't enjoy the sound of fiddles and banjos being tested to their limits then you may want to pass quickly over parts of Showtime because both instruments are the twin pillars that support the album.Turning Of The Tide is a brief yet telling piece documenting the final stage of a relationship.M David Kidman David Stevenson - Unfinished Lace (Own Label) Born and educated in the west of Scotland, though resident near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire since 1989, David Stevenson has had a songwriting and performing renaissance of late, appearing regularly.

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For Volume 2, the lineup was less ambitious, and settled down to just the basic Revue band expanded out with sessioners like Pete Drake (steel Teddy Irwin (guitar) and Shane Keister (piano).
Indeed, the bulk of his material's about trying to save relationships (This Party Is Over basking in love's sunshine (Skip The Flowers kicking back and letting the world slide by (What A Lazy Week) and, on Twice Her Size, Half Her Age the sagacity and.
I Don't Like My Way Of Living is a classic title for a blues song and is one of the few slow tempo songs on the album.While major record companies have dabbled in Alt.M David Kidman, July 2006 Shepheard, Spiers Watson - They Smiled As We Cam In (Springthyme) The portmanteau collective name SS W conceals two-thirds of the celebrated Aberdeen combo The Gaugers (Tom Spiers and Arthur Watson the third member (Peter Hall) having unfortunately died suddenly.The instrumental title track could easily be the theme for a modern western with its twangy guitars a la Bert Weedon, Duane Eddy and The Shadows.Sadly, the album proves to be her first and last outing with the band, but in taking lead to play Stevie Nicks on the Fleetwood Mac-like Please Come Home she's ensured an enduring part in their a totally concours casino de montreal natural musical confluence of one of the folk scene's finest singers, an excellent guitarist and an excellent double bass player, both of the latter having serious cred in jazz and acoustic circles.