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The stadium was built for the 2013 Summer Universiade.
When it's revealed that the super-hacker known as the Whisperer is actually former Silver Age Kid Sidekick Rick Jones, he says "We all gotta stay relevant, Sam." Nick Spencer's Captain America ran into this with a group of one-shot villains called the Bombshells, a parody.
But these days any attempts at mining humor from that result in odd, unfunny jokes such as Billy saying that Daddy's cartoons would look better.
In fairness, though, the previous Tony Hawk-wannabe look he'd been sporting for around 15 years didn't scream this trope any less.The stadium serves as a home arena to FC Rubin Kazan.Raise the roof!" is considered lame.But when the movie's ad campaign also heavily advertises a new character cadeau garcon played by Nicki Minaj, and the trailers namedrop selfies, hashtags, "Safe Spaces and the election of Barack Obama, well.A prime example is his decision to change Cats character Rum Tum Tugger from a Mick Jagger -esque rockstar to a hip-hop "street cat".In addition to the obvious Values Dissonance of the premise Look at these girls elbowing and shoving each other!Pop Tarts advertising and packaging occasionally ventures into this.

The retool of the book that came about after Gail Simone left the title has Barbara moving to a trendy new neighborhood and becoming a hipster.
48 A record number of penalties were awarded in the tournament, with this phenomenon being partially attributed to VAR.
Against all odds, averted with Disney 's "As Told By Emoji" web series, which takes various Disney movies and retells them in short videos that use emojis and emoji-style animation in a phone-related environment.
There's a Mickey Mouse comic story demonstrating this trope, published in 2008, in which Mickey attempts to join MyPlace (a parody of MySpace ) and finds out somebody is already on there impersonating him.The trick is to update the right things, update them the right way, and leave the timeless things that people liked about the franchise in the first place alone.AMV Hell tried to get ahead of the meme curve during their second season of Mini episodes by requiring every video be based on the current hot meme: " What Does The Fox Say?" Between said meme sputtering out in record time, fan backlash, and.Christian Rock band Petra continuously changed their image and sound during The '80s based on what was popular, with varying free accent reduction classes results.It's also helped that they've absorbed many different music styles over the years, while still retaining their core blues-rock sound.Toys The premise of a toylines like Barbie.That brief span She's Goth to Have It where Betty decides to become a goth.A January 2013 Baldo comic had a punchline involving " Gangnam Style ".The June 2016 episode "Garfield and Friends" indirectly alludes to the then-upcoming presidential election and closes with a reference to the "Deal with it" meme.Just for reference, an episode can be finished in three days (watch the documentary "Six Days to Air which outlines how a South Park episode is created).