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If a person touches a rabid animal's saliva, either directly or by touching a part of the how long does a dog's rabies shot last animal that the animal was licking, then he has virus on his hands.
See Man Frantically Try To Fling Off Rabid Bobcat.CBS Chicago's Charlie De Mar reports.Woman uses bare hands to drown rabid raccoon.Subscribe to the "cbsn" Channel.

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Coyote attacks family's dog in Illinois.
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Download videos: hd720 medium, attacked BOG.Woman attacked by possibly rabid bobcat.Co-op: / FullyRaw: / FullyRaw You Tube: / FullyRaw Kristina Facebook Page: / Kristina's Bio: / Kristina's Blog: / ROC Facebook: / Rawfully Organic Twitter: / FullyRaw Twitter.The family dog can inflict a painful bite; the most common victims are children between the ages of five and nine.According to the CDC, rabies in cats.CNN's Jeanne Moos reports it was self-defense.Rabies Elimination in the 21st Century.Made with Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder: / Order your copy of my book here: / My Instagram: / Snapchat: fullyraw Thumbnail photo by my soul sister m Special thanks to my friend Tim Halperin from American Idol for sharing his music with us!For this I am grateful.