This is a list with general advice for the game Anno 1404.
Install the game, install patch.1 (available here: which works only for the gold edition.
I copied the achievement tables from Wikia (CC-BY-SA license) to have a backup copy: Anno 1404 achievements Campaign For completing all campaign missions on hard, including all quests in them, you receive an achievement.
Ce cas de figure a du certainement passe inapercu pour les developpeurs anglophones.
Silver Ship toggle is in game options, Preorder Emblem is listed with all other unlocked emblems.Missing layout for apiary and layouts using the noria exploit.You gain more ascension rights and wont have to deal with their armies.Il me reste donc a trouver le moyen de les contacter pour avoir un "fix" du bug.Remove the extract file(s) after youve saved and exited the game.Roses (2020) cider, hemp, spices (1814) pigs (3221) roses (2020) oriental houses north houses without cathedral herbs (2818) hemp (2620) cattle, almonds (2020) wine, dates, indigo, silk, coffee, code reduction homair vacances 2018 sugar cane (2518) wheat, goats (3216) north houses around a cathedral (300).Lien du logiciel : si vous avez aimé, abonnez vous à ma chaine s'il vous plait, merci d'avance!

For instance, Envoys only need Marzipan occasionally to fill up their houses.
You should see at least one achievement unlock.
Well you can download someone's profile for offline mode and use that.The items you receive depend on your occidental population (noblemen best items).Some missions can be easily missed.Silver Ship and preorder emblem: To unlock them, you will need to download Brumbeks unofficial patch (install the latest official patch first!A Customs goods: Marzipan item from Al Zahirs noblemen item selection will occasionally add 5t marzipan to fill up your envoy houses for free!(more to follow See here for a complete list.) Chapter 1: Before building a chapel (and possibly after having mapped the islands for Lord Northburgh click Lord Northburghs cathedral to find his Master Builder, who is asleep next to a golden statue to the northwest.Calculateur de production, comparer, requis en Occident, requis en Orient.Exe with it, click NT headers (to the left) - click File header - Click here - check App can handle 2gb addresses and save.

Its probably something like, c:Documents and SettingsUsernameApplication i.