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The other case is the Half-Z perm case, and the same algorithm is used but with a setup beforehand.
Furthermore, since there are no fixed centerpieces, you do not know which side will have to become which colour from a scrambled cube.
If you want to find a list of these, check out this page for a full list of all 4x4 Parity algorithms.
It occurs for a similar reason to OLL parity.Although it is much easier to execute and the algorithms are easier to remember, the time it takes to execute combined with the time of OLL parity can add 6-7 seconds total to an average speedcubers solve time.Gauss Elimination Method or Row Reduction Method explained easily.For a 4x4 there are two edges that need pairing, but with a 6x6 there are.Explanation of Row, column and diagonal of a matrix.Home » 4x4x4 Rubik's Cube » 4x4 Cube Twisty Puzzle - Parity Cases.The main algorithm people learn for PLL parity swaps the two edges shown in the first picture.

You see, on a 3x3 puzzle each of the edges are basically made for you.
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After finishing OLL, you will notice the two bars that indicate a T permutation.
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Many speedcubers try a few different algorithms before they find one theyre able to solve decently fast.If not, look around the cube for the four white cornerpieces, and check the other stickers on those cornerpieces.First of all, look around your cube for any purple stickers.If any of them is blue, your cube uses the new canalsat promo noel colour scheme.This is called the Half-H perm case.If you want to see for yourself, take out two edges from a 3x3 and put them back in their places but flipped.The best way to spot PLL parity is when you see a PLL case that is impossible to get on a 3x3 cube.The most commonly used method by speedcubers is called the reduction method.A a b b, edge parity, one type of pseudo-parity is edge parity.

They cant be split in two, therefore they cant be flipped.
Even with the best memory and the best algorithm, most speedcubers will struggle to solve OLL parity in under 3-4 seconds, meaning that it can be the cause of a ruined average.