The 3 year rabies vaccines are similar in content to the 1 year killed virus rabies vaccines which have been used for decades.
Vaccinations are just one component of the wellness visit.
There is a cost involved to run these test(s).
Rabies virus vaccine is an exception.Your Dogs Chances Of Getting Rabies.Again, it is the same vaccine in all cases, but the time it is good for is dependent on these factors.Some states do require all dogs that are overdue for revaccination, even if by just one day, to receive 2 rabies vaccine doses 1 yr [email protected] ruthcatrin, i would love some of them.What makes your pet's rabies vaccination good for one year or three years is determined by two things: The animal's age and annales concours b env rabies vaccine history.Adult dogs and cats that have an unknown vaccination history or who have not received a 1 year rabies vaccine before, must receive a 1 year rabies vaccine and then the next year they may qualify for the 3 year vaccine.Like other inactivated vaccines, the initial dose of a rabies vaccine serves as the priming dose.He also, bless his sweet heart, charges the same for the 3 year shot now as when they gave it once a year.Many vets have being giving the 3 year, every year, to abide by state laws and because they don't want to bother to keep the 1 year on hand.

The one exception to vaccine "choice" is the rabies vaccine.
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From grabby 's article: "Adult dogs with unknown vaccination history should also receive a single dose of killed rabies vaccine.
Important: In the United States and Canada, a positive test result for rabies virus neutralizing antibody (rvna) is not recognized as an index of protective immunity and cannot be used in lieu of revaccination.
Your veterinarian will discuss with you which rabies vaccination is available to your pet, which schedule is best for your pet, and the current local rabies regulations in your area.Titers have been touted as a way to measure protection, but this is still a topic under discussion.Vaccinating for rabies will help an animal mount an immune system response to protect against rabies, but it isn't a curative treatment.She's had a boatload already just with a different vet (esp due to her tooth extraction and spay being within the same year.Just because two different vaccines are against rabies does not mean they are equivalent or perform (via testing) equivalently.If you can combine a grease monkey with a computer geek, throw in a touch of information nut and organization freak, combined with a little bit of storyteller, youve got a good idea of who.The one year is tested for 1 year, the 3 for.Testing is a requirement imposed by the importing country/region as a means of confirming recent vaccination against rabies and is not regarded as evidence of protective immunity against rabies.